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10 Steps to Lab Productivity

10 steps to increasing your productivity in the lab

We all want to be productive, right? But this is quite often easier said than done, especially in a laboratory....

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Career Options for Doctoral Graduates

5 Career Options for Doctoral Graduates

I want to reach out and say congratulations to all those graduating with a Ph.D. this year. Your dissertation was...

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How Post-publication peer review is improving the quality of Science

With the integrity of scientific research under more scrutiny than ever, there is a demand for more accountability from publishers...

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Optimize your research through digitzation

Optimize your research through digitization

By now you know that a lab notebook is absolutely essential for getting anywhere with your lab work. All your...

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7 Tips to Completing Doctoral Thesis

7 Tips to Completing your Doctoral Thesis

Gaining a doctorate degree is the pinnacle goal of many wide-eyed students entering their first year of university. Over the...

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5 Steps to Better Lab Management

A Guide to Better Lab Management

Lab management is a tough job. You have to corral multiple people from all different backgrounds with different ambitions in...

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