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Data Management made easy

Record your lab experiments directly in your digital  lab notebook. Easily integrate your data from any computer and access it everywhere in the world.

All file formats can be uploaded to labfolder. Word & Excel documents can be extracted, Images annotated and PDFs visualized, all in a single tool.

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Collaborate like never before

Collaboration is the cornerstone of scientific research. With labfolder several scientists can work on a project at one time and knowledge can be easily shared thanks to a protocol database and exclusive communication tools

Share and discuss data within your team, invite collaborators to your projects and record all the details of your next big scientific breakthrough in a single place that is accessible to everyone.

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Manage your team in labfolder

Tailor labfolder to the structure of your team. Customize the share settings and guarantee that each individual team member has access to the right content and nothing else.

At labfolder there is no limit in terms of subgroups and our licenses can be reused. Your data will always remain in the group and it can be retrieve with our Search & Filter tools.

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Comply to industry standards

Laboratories can be under different regulatory guidelines but we have you covered. Labfolder is used by thousands of scientists that comply with ISO standards (like ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 15189 or ISO 17025), GxP (GMP & GLP) and FDA CFR 21 Part 11.

By offering features like Time Stamps, Full Audit Trail, Sign & Witness and LDAP, we assure that your lab notebook is always up to date with the most recent regulatory requirements.

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