improve your posters header

The guide to preparing a poster

So, you need to put together a poster. You want people to understand it, to get your message across and...

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how to improve you presentations header

6 Tips to improve your presentations

Many of us will need to prepare presentations to show our data publicly when working in the lab. This goes...

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7 reasons why you need a digital lab notebook header

7 Reasons you need a laboratory notebook

Laboratory notebooks. You have definitely heard about them and you probably have one. You do have one, right? If you...

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data management tips header

5 Tips for managing your data

An important part of managing your data is how you organise it when it is first created. There are a...

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cloud vs server header

Cloud vs local Server – Where should you store your data?

As scientists, data is the most precious tool that we have in our research. Good data allows us to advance...

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labfolder data security

Data security with labfolder

In this blog series, we will be giving you sneak peeks into our white papers. We wrote these white papers...

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