labfolder is being developed as a web application which collects and stores any data provided by the users on the labfolder servers. This architecture has several advantages over a classical client-based approach:

  • labfolder is platform-independent, it runs on any device with any operation system.
  • You can access your data from anywhere: from your desktop computer, the measurement computer next door or from a conference anywhere in the world.
  • labfolder backs up all data on a daily basis, so that maximum data safety is ensured even in the case of a local computer crash or other incidents.

labfolder follows a strict and transparent policy to ensure the safety and security of your valuable scientific data:

  • You as a scientist permanently remain the legal owner of any data authored by you and uploaded to labfolder.
  • All your data will be accessible only by you unless you explicitly share it or grant access permissions to others, including labfolder.
  • All communications between your computer and labfolder is securely encrypted via SSL (256-bit).
  • All labfolder servers are located in Germany, thus, EU and German data security and privacy laws apply.
  • A nightly backup ensures maximum availability of your data even in the case of failure of your local system.
  • Upon termination of your labfolder account, all your data will be permanently deleted after you have confirmed the export of all your data to your local system.

Despite the best efforts, no computer or storage system in the world can guarantee 100% safety and security. By implementing the above-mentioned standards, we aim to provide the highest level of security currently available.

In the future, labfolder will also offer solutions for local storage.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions and take any feedback you may have. You can contact us by email or phone.