Release notes – Server




labfolder Server 1.27.8

20. June 2019
  • [Login] – Some users experienced problems during the Sign up and Login process. We have fixed this issue for you!

labfolder Server 1.27.7

13. June 2019
  • [MDB] – Some users reported an empty screen when trying to share their MDBs. We have fixed this so you’re not alone anymore!
  • [MDB] – Users are now able to add Hyperlinks as attributes to their inventory items.
  • [Text element] – Some users reported that the header of our text element was not sticking to the top. We applied super glue to fix this.
  • [Table element] – We fixed an issue that prevented some .xslx files from being extracted.
  • [Data elements] – Users can now use a simple double click to access the data elements for editing.
  • [Advanced search] – Occasionally our Advanced search for Data Elements was giving random results for Templates. As scientists, we don’t need more randomness in our lives (our western blots are enough), so we fixed this issue.
  • [Templates] – Our QA team noticed that some templates with tables were not being saved after the last release. We promptly solved this issue.
  • [API] – We also updated our API endpoints for the material database.

labfolder Server 1.27.3

16. May 2019

New Exports Page


  • [Exports] – A brand new exports page is available via Manage > Exports.
  • [Exports] – Once the XHTML app is activated, XHTML exports can be done from the new Exports page instead of the Settings.
  • [Exports] – Multiple exports are now listed chronologically and can be easily identified by their format.
  • [Exports] – Each export is kept for 48 hours, giving you all the necessary time to download it.
  • [Exports] – A new progress indicator will let you know when each export is done and ready for download.
  • [Exports] – We fixed a small issue that prevented the export of files containing exponential values inside tables.
  • [Exports] – Multiple endpoints related to the Exports’ redesign have been created.
  • [Exports] – Uploads to DropBox can now be followed through loading indicator and error messages in case of failure.
  • [Exports] – We added the possibility to export hidden projects and templates.


Learn more about the new Exports page

Data Entry

  • [Text element] – Improvements on the user experience when copy/paste from Word. Formattings will be maintained.
  • [Text element] – Tables within text elements can now be copy/pasted between entries.
  • [Text element] – Editing tables was modifying content that had been previously formatted. We sorted this out for you.
  • [Text element] – Users can now set line adjust the line height of texts, to improve readability of entries
  • [Text element] – Un-/Ordered lists now have more options available, such as display of greek numbers, discs, squares, etc
  • [Text element] – Within the toolbar editor, users can now visualize and edit text element contents as HTML code.
  • [Text element] – Some users reported a strange behavior when trying to save the text element. After some therapy, that behavior has been corrected.
  • [Entry reference] – Previously, clicking on the entry reference link took you on a little journey, but now  this will take you to the right entry.
  • [Entry reference] – Users can now successfully reference their own recent entries or entries of others again.
  • [Links & entry references] – When links or entry references were inserted in the text editor, the edit menu appeared blank. Now it’s all visible again!
  • [Table element] – We added a new visual indicator for hidden rows & columns.
  • [Table element] – Once loaded, small tables will remain visible inside the entries.
  • [Table element] – We fixed an issue that prevented some .xslx files from being extracted.
  • [Table element] – UYou can now add and change the border color of your tables.
  • [Image element] – When downloading images, some annotations were misbehaving and appearing in the wrong location. We told them to stay in place so it will not happen again.
  • [Image element] – Some users reported that sketches were being cropped when downloaded. This issue has been solved.
  • [Data Elements] – Within Data Elements we have smoothly fixed all drag and drop issues.
  • [Data elements] – After the request from some users, we expanded our new numerical data elements physical quantities and units.
  • [Data elements] – In edit view, we switched the order of the ‘Discard’ and ‘Save’ buttons to prevent work being lost due to misclicks.
  • [Templates] – We fixed a small issue impacting the removal of elements within templates.

Data Retrieval

  • [Tags] – If you were using multiple tags in an entry (as you should) they’re visibility was interfering with entry elements. Now they are visible (as they should).
  • [Tags] – When you create a new entry from a template, the tags automatically inserted can be deleted.
  • [Advanced search] – Now when you search for Custom dates our ELN will give you an exact match.
  • [Advanced search] – Now it is possible for users to find exact terminology via the punctuation symbol.
  • [Advanced search] – We fixed a small issue that caused the search indexer to crash while MS Visio file indexing.
  • [Advanced search] – Some users reported that the redirection to entries was not working properly. We have fixed this issue so that the search result will lead to the correct entry.


  • [Notebook] – Removing entry elements is now a 2-step process thanks to a new warning message.
  • [Notebook] – When entries were collapsed, new entries would open if ‘show more entries’ was clicked. But now all entries stay collapsed.
  • [Notebook] – If you have all your entries collapsed and create a new one, it will also be automatically collapsed.
  • [Notebook] – Some users reported that special characters were not being properly displayed. This has been fixed now.
  • [Storage] – We fixed a small issue that resulted in not displaying the correct maximum storage to some scientists.
  • [Apps] – Under the Manage > Apps section of labfolder, we updated the app cards with newer, more attractive images.
  • [DE/FR translations] – Physical quantities are now displayed in the correct language inside the Advanced search.
  • [DE/FR translations] – We improved the layout for titles when exporting entries as PDF files.