Getting Started

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Create your first project
Add your first entry
Create a group
Invite colleagues

Congratulations! By signing up for labfolder’s electronic laboratory notebook (also referred to as an ELN,
or electronic notebook
), you have taken the first step towards a paperless lab. At any time (and any place) you can access your labfolder account via

Ready to begin the journey of optimizing your data, improving collaboration, effortlessly complying with laboratory standards and generally making life in the lab easier? Let’s get started with a little introduction to set up your ELN for success.

Create your first project

In order to get started with labfolder, you will need to create your first project. The place to do this is in Projects, found under the Manage tab in the header.

Create your First project in labfolder

  1. Click through to Manage > Projects.
  2. Press the +Add button in the top left corner.
  3. You can add either projects or folders to store multiple projects.

Our platform requires projects to be created before any entries can be made since nowadays your workflows are project-based, we want to be suited to your work. When you then create a project, you need to name it and select a folder in which to save it. Once you have done that, you are all ready to get to work!

Add your first entry

Now that you have a project to store entries in, you can create your first entry.

Create your first entry

  1. Click on your newly created project.
  2. Click on the +Add button in the top left corner and you will have the option to add a new entry or use a template.
  3. Select Add new entry.

Now that you have your first entry, you can start adding text, images, tables and upload files to get your lab notes to the next level.

Create a group

Once you have got yourself going in labfolder, get your colleagues to join you. Note: In the free version you can only have one group and invite 2 additional scientists. If you want to onboard your entire team, check out the Advanced version.

First, let’s create a group.

Create your own Groups

  1. Go to Manage > Groups.
  2. Click again on the +Add button to add a new group.
  3. Give your new group a name.

Invite colleagues

Once your group is set up, you can invite collaborators to your project.

You can invite users into your group

  1. Invite colleagues by going into the group and pressing the +Add button to Invite user.
  2. Enter their email address and start your collaborations!

From this moment onwards, you use your electronic laboratory notebook to collaborate with your colleagues in real-time. They will be able to add their own entries to common projects, create a shared repository of protocols and templates, comment on your data to speed up troubleshooting, and even assign and receive tasks to improve lab efficiency.

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