Dropbox and labfolder join forces

Exciting news ahead: our digital lab notebook labfolder joins forces with Dropbox, the file hosting service that offers free cloud storage, file synchronization and many more features. With the activated Drop box app, you can now transfer files from and to your electronic lab notebook via Dropbox – no matter where you are! For more information on the Drop box integration and a demonstration on how it all works, simply view our video:

labfolder integrates the free file hosting service Dropbox to boost research experience

labfolder and Dropbox join forces to boost research experience

Benefits of using Dropbox

The principle of Dropbox is simple: The smart service allows you to create a special folder on each of your computers or mobile devices. After the installation you can simply drop a file into your personal Drop box folder, which will then automatically be synced to your centralized repository. Now the same file appears on all your devices and is also accessible through a website and free mobile apps. At a glance, Dropbox has a lot to offer to its clients:

  • Simple data sharing: Dropbox offers a convenient way to share files among groups, devices, and locations. This makes it a popular tool among scientists, who use Drop box to share files in a group, easily transfer their data from a device like a microscope to their own workstation. In terms of international collaboration, the free service also enables data sharing with a colleague on another continent. Other sharing features include photo galleries with selectable viewing rights, link-sending to any file or folder in your Dropbox.
  • Mobile data on-the-go: With the Dropbox app for Android and iOS you can access all your data anytime and anywhere. You can edit your files in your Drop box from any mobile device and easily upload research data such as photos and videos to Dropbox whilst on the way. No matter where you are, you can share your data with colleagues and fellow researchers from around the world.
  • Safe and secure storage: Don’t worry, all your data is safe. Dropbox offers maximum protection to your files 24/7. Using the latest security software, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption guarantees that In addition, Drop box keeps a one-month history of your work with document changes can be undone, and files can be undeleted.

Drop box integration helps your research!

With the Dropbox integration, labfolder facilitates the embedding of these files in the relevant scientific context, further accelerating the overall research experiment. Now all Drop box files can be stored in the electronic lab notebook according to the principles of Good Scientific Practice. We hope you enjoy the Dropbox integration! Is there another service you would find useful to be integrated in labfolder? Tell us which of your favourite digital tool you would like to be brought to the bench in labfolder!

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