Incorporate material lists and link them to your lab notes!



Any researcher works with a number of materials, such as antibodies, chemicals or plasmids. You may even wish to catalogue devices that are used in your laboratory.

In this live session we will provide you with an overview of Labfolder’s inventory system. Using this built-in inventory system allows you to categorize your inventory lists and manage access rights appropriately. Besides covering the basics on how to generate material lists in Labfolder, we will explore how you can benefit from linking inventory items in your lab notes. This can help you to increase traceability and reproducibility of your experiments.

While everyone can benefit from this in-depth session on Labregister, lab managers and people in charge of the management of lab supplies may find this webinar especially useful.


Things you’ll learn:

  • Organize your lab inventory using Labregister
  • Upload existing material information in the form of excel files
  • Share and manage material lists
  • Include inventory references directly in your lab notes
  • Best practices

Meet the speaker:

Dr. Anne KriegelHead of Customer Success at Labforward

Anne gained her research experience during her doctoral thesis at the University of Heidelberg and research trips to England and Brazil. At Labforward she supports customers in the optimal implementation of Labfolder, she is convinced that ELNs bring great advantages in modern laboratories.


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