An extraordinary lineup

labfolder is an international startup with a clear vision: to create a hub that connects all devices in the laboratory. We combine a background in science with skilled developers. With this experience, we strive towards our goal through structured tasks and an office environment buzzing with motivation. We ❤ science, we ❤ tech.


labfolder Simon Bungers
CEO & Co-Founder

Simon is one of the founders and CEO of labfolder. He envisioned labfolder while doing his PhD at the MPI, and after working as a strategy consultant, he became a passionate serial entrepreneur. His focus at labfolder is business development and bringing the product to ever new levels.

labfolder Florian Hauer
COO & Co-Founder

Florian is one of the founders and COO of labfolder. When doing his PhD and PostDoc at different international institutes, he wondered why there is so much data and so little done with it. At labfolder, he follows his passion to help scientists to make more out of their data in customer and implementation support, delivery and project management.

labfolder Mario Russo

Mario holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. With over 10 years experience in building enterprise-level IT platforms, Mario is responsible for technical architecture, product development, and infrastructure at labfolder.

labfolder Joris van Winsen
CFO & Managing Director

Joris holds a Master degree in Biology and a MBA. With over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, Joris is the Managing Director at labfolder with main responsibilities in the areas of Marketing & Sales, Finance & HR.

Excited to go to work today? We are.

We want to make sure the best crew jumps into our boat.



labfolder Anne Kriegel
Anne Kriegel
Account Manager
Julia Van Eijs
HR Manager
labfolder Vladyslav Yemelianov
Alex Sydorenko
Front-End Developer
Sanga Lawalata
Back-End Developer
Sanjin Demir
QA Manager
labfolder Tomás Lopes da Fonseca
Tomás L. da Fonseca
Community & Account Manager