Our referral program has a few simple steps and unlimited benefits for everyone

The Advocate

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Recommend someone

The first step is recommending someone to labfolder, by forwarding them a unique coupon code

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Get a power bank

When the person you recommended signs up for a 30-day trial you will receive a power bank

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Receive a tablet

Receive a tablet when the person you recommended signs a contract with us for the labfolder platform

The Affiliate

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Receive a coupon code

When you are referred to labfolder, you will receive an email with a coupon code

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Sign up for a trial

Use the coupon code from the email when you sign up for your 30-day trial and get an extra month for free

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Sign a contract

Sign a contract with us and receive a power bank for each of your team members

30 Day Free Trial

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Don’t have a coupon code already? Click here to generate one.

Terms and Conditions

To take part in this referral program, you must fulfill the conditions below. The code is valid for 3 months, once the 3 months are over you can generate a new code with the link above.

For the advocate: You must have an account with labfolder (if you don’t have one click here to create one for free). To refer someone else, you must be an existing or prospective customer of labfolder. The person you recommend must start and be active during a 30-day trial using labfolder in order for you to receive a power bank. The person you referred must then sign a contract for the extended version of labfolder for a minimum of one year in order for you to receive the tablet.

For the affiliate: When signing up for the 30-day trial, ensure that the coupon code is in the respective field. During the 30-day trial you should be actively using and trying out the labfolder platform. If you decide to sign a contract, it must be for a minimum of one year and you will then receive a power bank for each team member involved on the labfolder platform and one free month to use immediately after the 30-day trial.

The rewards are fixed and cannot be negotiated. This is not compatible with any other promotions. This is not valid for those already partaking in a 30-day free trial.