LIMS solutions

For individual researchers, academic organizations and other research facilities, labfolder offers a management software with LIMS functions, ranging from application-specific tools to customized solutions. Implemented LIMS database applications provide support to collect, organize and manage large amounts of data in the lab.

Workflow support through LIMS software

labfolder’s smart LIMS solutions support a smooth lab operation and automated research flow: enterprise resource planning, data management and group administration tasks are carried out by our laboratory information system software. Automatically compliant to GLP and 21 CFR 11 requirements, labfolder also includes digital signatures, comprehensive audit trail and profound IP protection.

Easy workflow integration, a flexible architecture and an intuitive data exchange interface also support device integration whereby the lab software is configured to communicate with laboratory equipment such as data-mining tools and analytical instruments.

Custom-made LIMS applications

LIMS functions help to reduce data transcription errors, guarantee a smooth operation of routine laboratory functions and largely improve lab efficiency. As a flexible lab software, labfolder also provides customized LIMS plug-ins according to your needs. Customized options can be added effortlessly to labfolder’s laboratory information system software, helping to automate routine tasks, to increase productivity and overall efficiency of your lab.

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