labfolder is an award-winning, fast-growing company that develops and sells laboratory software of the highest quality and usability. We connect laboratories, we link people, we organize data, we facilitate research. Together we are building an incredible international company at the heart of Berlin, combining extraordinary personalities and thriving on motivation.

Why labfolder?

labfolder diversity Logo

Why be the same when you can be different? We welcome different cultures, languages and opinions.

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Surprise yourself at how much you can grow in this fast-paced environment.

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With multiple awards in our pocket, we always work to exceed expectations.

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It is amazing how one goal can weave together so many ideas.

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What is boredom? Here at labfolder there is too much energy, motivation and drive to stop for yawns.

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At the heart of Europe

The startup ecossystem is growing at the speed of light and Berlin is the place to be.

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What is it like to work at labfolder?

“My most valuable experience at labfolder was the involvement in the IT process, starting from the business logic to the actual development and shipping of our platform. Having the big picture makes it easy to learn the technology. I had a very positive team experience, which made each day at labfolder like holiday.”

labfolder Polina Anderson

Polina AndersonĀ 
Front end development intern

“Working at labfolder has resulted so far in a fulfilling experience. Team work is something we highly value, and this is always reflected on our flow and on our product. We celebrate and sometimes we cry together, because we grow together as professionals.”

labfolder Priscila Zuazo

Priscila Zuazo
UX/UI Designer

“I really developed during my time at labfolder. You take on the tasks and responsibilities you think you can handle which helps you decide which areas you enjoy working in.”

labfolder Tessa Roberts

Tessa Roberts
Content Manager Intern