What is the difference between Sign & Witness and Signature Workflows apps?

Sign & Witness and Signature Workflows are both ELN apps that allow for verification and witnessing of data entries. Signature Workflows, streamlines more complex approval processes within collaborative projects. Both apps hold some similarities but, here are the main differences:

FeaturesSign & WitnessSignature Workflows
FDA Compliant
Follows GLP Guidelines
Full Audit Trail
Intellectual Property Protection
Customize Signature Workflows per Project(s)
Define Author(s) of any Given Signature
Revoke Signatures
Unlimited Number of Witnesses per Entry
Accept or Reject Entries when Witnessing
Predefined Comments, Tags, and Actions
Move Entries to Other Projects (Departments)


Sign & Witness can be activated for free while the Signature Workflows app is a paid add-on for the advanced version of labfolder. Visit labfolder’s blog to find out more about Signature Workflows; or request a demo or free trial of this app through one of our experts..

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