How to add a sketch to my entry?

GIF sketch insertion guide

  1. Open the entry:
    1. If the project where the entry locates is already opened:
      • Go to Notebook
    2. If the project is not opened:
      1. Go to Manage>Project
      2. Select the project where the entry locates
  2. Click on the icon for Add sketch in entry toolbar.
  3. In the pop-up window, you can make sketches via different tools:
    • Pencil: free drawing lines
    • Geometric shapes (e.g. rectangle, circle)
    • Lines: straight lines
    • Arrows or arrowheads
    • Asterisks
    • Texts

    You can also modify the size, color or opacity of the sketch.

  4. Give the sketch a name by entering it into the cell at the center of the toolbar. The sketch will be save as a .png figure.
  5. Save your sketch by clicking the icon for Save to the right end of the toolbar, or discard the changes by the X icon next to it.

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