Our happy scientists

“labfolder helps us to optimize the quality of our documentation and therefore enhances scientific reproducibility. Our data is stored in one central database and is accessible for all members of our team. Overall, labfolder accelerates the workflow and facilitates collaboration across the lab.”

labfolder Ambassador Dr. Emanuel Fleige

Dr. Emanuel Fleige
Head of Laboratory – Dendropharm

“Using Labfolder I have completely stopped using paper documentation. I store every single step of the development and R&D and even reports on the ELN. We are planning to go completely paperless.”.

labfolder Dr. Yair Pilpel

Dr. Yair Pilpel 
EIO Biomedical ltd

“We are working mainly in larger teams on several projects. With labfolder, everyone can follow and track the progress of each project. The digital lab notebook makes it easy to interact with other co-workers and also to add new team members to a project.”

labfolder Dr. Sven Wichert

Dr. Sven Wichert
Molecular and Behavioral Neurobiology Ludwig Maximilians University

“Paper-based lab books are cumbersome to write and a nightmare to keep track of in the long run. With more and more research data being digital, it is much more intuitive to record experiments in a digital format too. We found Labfolder to be a big step forward in managing our research as it is quicker to write and much faster to search and share with other colleagues than a conventional lab book. Team members also seem to produce more structured and more informative lab book entries in Labfolder than on paper.”

labfolder Mate Ravasz, PhD.

Mate Ravasz, PhD.
Postdoctoral research associate, University of Edinburgh

“Before using Labfolder data produced in our group as well as the documentation was shared over multiple devices and platforms, now everything is in one place. This makes sharing results or handing over projects to new group members much easier. Since the team of Labfolder is always open for new ideas from its customers, we are looking forward to have an even more customized and valuable software in the near future, making Labfolder an outstanding help in the daily life of researchers.”

labfolder Dr. Marc Armbrüster

Dr. Marc Armbrüster 
TU Chemnitz

“Since we’ve been using labfolder, it is much easier to keep track of joint research projects. It’s really easy to exchange data and work together with colleagues.

labfolder Ambassador Ingo Przesdzing

Ingo Przesdzing
Histology Labmanager, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

“Supervision of several students working on their thesis is one of the duties of a PhD student. Using Labfolder makes it much easier keeping track on the daily work in the lab and also helps me organizing my own research”

labfolder Dr. Leonard Rößner

Dr. Leonard Rößner 
TU Chemnitz

“As a PI, I use Labfolder in my expending research group to help me keep track of the increasing number of projects and growing amount of data we generate. It is an important part of our efforts to towards a more digital and interconnected research group.”

labfolder Ambassador Dr. Thomas Crouzier

Dr. Thomas Crouzier
KTH Stockholm