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Categories for Search
Automatic Conversions
Logic Gates

Making it easier to find the data and entries you seek, Advanced Search is an important feature in your electronic notebook. You can search for entries based on anything from a custom date, to a certain DE group, or even tags added to entries. It improves the ease of use of your ELN so that you can find what you’re looking for.

Advanced search button
To use Advanced Search:

  1. Click on the Magnifying Glass icon at the top right.
  2. Select the Advanced Search option.
  3. Choose which category you want to search from.
  4. Enter the Parameters of which to search.
  5. Hit the Search button.
  6. Choose which entry you’re looking for.



Categories for Search

There are currently eight categories to search from in the Advanced Search Function: Content, Custom Date, DE Group, Descriptive Data Element, Material Element, Numerical Data Element, Tags, and Title. This gives you free range on choosing which usage of Advanced Search you require, whether to find entries using a certain Data Element, a self-imposed tag, or after a certain date.

Advanced Search Categories

Content: You can search for certain text throughout the entries, whether they be on a table or in a text box.

Date: Custom: Set up custom date searches such as Before, After, or a certain range of dates.

DE Group: Search for a DE group by its name.

Descriptive Data Element: Use this to look for entries with a certain descriptor given by Descriptive Data Elements.

Material Element: You can search for entries that use a certain item in your Material Database.

Numerical Data Element: Search for any quantitative parameter in your entries. Even if you use a different unit than in the original, the search will know if the amounts are equal.

Tags: Setting up certain tags in your entries allows you to then search for those tags in the Advanced Search Feature.

Title: Look for certain entries and templates based on their given title.


Automatic Conversions

You know unit conversions by heart but so far there was no tool that provided an equivalent artificial intelligence in a scientific setting. Thanks to Advanced Search, labfolder knows that 500 ul is the same as 0.5 ml and that 600 ul is bigger than both.

This means that you can search all your PCR experiments in which you used 500 ul of PCR Buffer in the Master mix and also see the ones where you or your colleagues mentioned 0.5 ml. This allows better organization of your data as you can be confident when you search that it’ll show up even if the units are different, as long as the amounts are equal.

Advanced search can convert between units

Logic Gates

This advanced search can provide you with even better data insights. You will be able to apply logic gates (AND, OR, NOT) allowing you to fine-tune your search. For example, you can search for all the PCR experiments where you added 0.5 ml of Buffer to the mix but did NOT use TAQ Polymerase. This is how you can use logic gates in labfolder:

Data Elements can have logic gates to help with finding data

You also know that 0.5 ml are bigger than 0.4 ml but your paper lab notebook does not know that and you can’t just say, “Give me all my entries in which I used more than 400 ul of PCR Buffer in my PCR.” That exact same request can be processed with our Advanced search. See how it works:

Advanced Searh knows to compare amounts if one is bigger

It is important to mention that Advanced Search is also available in templates. So you can always find all these search options in the templates you are using and sharing with your team.

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