Manage your data

Digitise your work

labfolder ELN add text

Everything you do is digital, so why not make your lab notebook digital, too? Avoid recurring Data integrity issues like bad calligraphy and streamline your data recording, while still maintaining all necessary laboratory standards.

Share your protocols

labfolder ELN create template

With labfolder you can have your personal and team protocols inserted into your electronic lab notebook. Create, edit and instantly share protocols or experiment templates with your colleagues.

Import & store your data

labfolder ELN import document

From planning to results you can now have your entire scientific workflow in a single tool. Import and store your data directly in your ELN. All file formats can be added and take advantages of tools like Image annotations, Word&Excel extracts and a built-in PDF viewer.

Access your work anywhere

Once it’s in labfolder’s lab book, you’ll able to access it anywhere in the world since it’s browser-based, so you just need a computer or a mobile device. You can also work on it further no matter where you are, just log in and get going.

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