Lab Management

Team structure

Reflect the real structure of your lab in your electronic lab notebook. Thanks to unlimited subgroups creation and the possibility to define as many admins and sub-admins as needed, you will always be able to translate your team organisation in your ELN.

Custom rights & roles

Different group members will have different roles in the projects and you may want to filter what each member can see and needs to see. In order to do this, you’re able to determine the access rights of your team members inside your lab notebook.


Task tracking

Either is preparing a 10X buffer or clean the incubator, lab members will always have particular tasks that they need to carry out. From your lab book, you can assign specific tasks to individual team members and keep track of how they are doing and whether or not the task is completed.


Lab progress

When there are multiple people working in a lab, it may be tricky to keep track of who’s doing what, what’s been done and tasks that need doing. With our lab journal you can always have an overview of your lab’s scientific progress, without the need to ask for all the notebooks. You also have to audit trail to look back over additions and edits.

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