Comply to Industry Standards

With labfolder, you can easily follow GLP and GMP

Comply with  ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 15189, ISO 17025

Be covered for FDA CFR 21 Part 11


ELN data entry

Why question if you are following standard quality guidelines when recording your data? labfolder’s electronic lab notebook guarantees that you always follow them without you even having to think about it. Make the quality and integrity of your data a priority in your research.


Sign & Witness

ELN sign & witness

Within labfolder, we offer a free Sign & Witness app, enabling you to sign and witness your data with valid digital signatures. Contrary to the paper lab notebook, by signing your content you can block it from further editing, and therefore assure the integrity of your previously generated data.

Data deletion

ELN preventing data deletion

Although in the digital environment it can be easy to delete content, labfolder’s ELN was designed for the scientific environment so you and your team members are unable to delete any of the content that is input, meaning your data retains its integrity and everything done in the lab is visible.

Full audit trail

ELN entry audit trail

All of the work that is done and entered into our lab journal is recorded and time-stamped, so you can come back to it in a full audit trail and see all of the edits that were made.

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