Create groups

data commenting

There is no scientific progress without collaboration and sharing knowledge. labfolder’s ELN allows you to collaborate with multiple scientists at any one time and integrate all the data in a single place. Because it is digital, this collaboration can now be international without any traveling.

Share knowledge

Create protocol template

Your lab has a common digital repository for protocols (that’s a fact!), but the lab notebook where these protocols need to be inserted is not digital. In labfolder, your team can have simultaneous access to all the group’s protocols and easily add them to their data recordings, all within the same tool.

Discuss data

Message tool

Are you writing emails and preparing presentations just to discuss your data with colleagues or supervisor? With labfolder, all members of a project can discuss the data without leaving the electronic lab notebook. Commenting also happens in real-time, so discussions can take place immediately.

Communicate quickly

labfolder ELN message tool

All of the communication can take place within labfolder, in just one platform. Assign tasks or notify colleagues about laboratory topics without recurring to other digital tools. Eliminate any possible mix-ups or loss of messages.

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