Chemistry ELN from labfolder

Labfolder is a chemistry lab notebook that simplifies the collection, documentation, and management of scientific information in whatever format works best for your lab via word processing, spreadsheets, images, chromatograms, or audio reports – all stored securely and easily retrievable in our chemistry ELN. 

 Improved workflow with the chemistry lab notebook

Labfolder integrates seamlessly with existing lab procedures with an intuitive web interface and an appearance similar to a paper lab notebook. Simply start working with the chemistry electronic lab notebook and streamline your data from any file format as well as from various types of analytical instruments, such as balances and pH meters. Accelerate your workflow and create, execute, and store research data in a flexible, cloud-based environment!

Easy collaboration with the chemistry ELN

Everyone working in a chemistry lab knows the scenario: fellow researchers leave the lab and with it a wealth of scientific notes and disorganized samples – essentially useless as a viable resource for future research. With our ELN chemistry lab software, data from various members of the lab will be stored in one central database, searchable and accessible for all! With the various discounts and licensing options available to students, teachers, and academic organizations, you can get more lab software, services, and solutions with our academic discounts. Facilitate collaboration and simply share, search and reuse scientific knowledge across labs or global enterprises.

Customized software for chemistry

Labfolder provides an easy-to-use chemistry lab book to capture, organize, and share scientific data, allowing for a direct data-flow into the electronic lab notebook. To support the general workflow of your lab on a daily basis, our chemistry ELN allows you to plan your experiments and capture various file formats and design reactions using the integrated sketching tool. For the future, Labfolder plans to implement further helpful chemistry tools, including commercial sourcing databases and official chemical drawing software such as ChemWriter. Please contact us for further information.