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Recommend a scientist today and benefit everyone involved!

We’re launching our referral program to give back, with more than just labfolder itself, when you join our platform. Both those who recommend people to labfolder and those who sign up via a recommendation will be rewarded.

The aim of the referral program is not just to spread the use of labfolder, but about enabling and empowering scientists with their work in the lab. We always want to improve your research wherever possible. Our digital lab notebook does this by facilitating improvement in your data quality, decreasing the time it takes to enter and retrieve data, fostering collaboration and making your research mobile. Who wouldn’t want to share this?

How does the program work?

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When you recommend someone

  1. You will forward a unique coupon code to the person you wish to recommend to labfolder
  2. Receive a power bank when they sign up for a 30-day trial using the coupon code
  3. Receive a tablet when they sign a contract with us to use the extended version of labfolder


When you’ve been recommended

  1. When signing up for a 30-day trial, ensure the coupon code is in its respective field and get an extra free month
  2. Sign a contract with us for the full version of the platform if you liked the trial
  3. Receive power banks for each member of your team using labfolder once you’ve signed a contract

If you are not yet a labfolder user and would like to sign up as part of this program, recommend yourself and sign up using your own unique coupon code.

What if you don’t have a coupon code yet? Click the button below to generate one and be able to get involved!

Generate Your Code

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