Apps available in labfolder


Here at labfolder, we want to make your digital lab notebook customizable to your needs in the lab.

We have designed and integrated several apps that can be installed and implemented seamlessly in your lab notebook and bring your labfolder experience to a new level.

Dropbox logo icon

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. In labfolder, the Dropbox app activates a new Import function in your project entry toolbar and connects to your Dropbox account letting you access your files stored in the cloud and import them easily into the project you are working on.

Figshare logo icon

Figshare allows you to manage your research documents in the cloud. In labfolder, the Figshare app activates a new Import function in your project entry toolbar and connects to Figshare, so you can directly browse and import documents from the public Figshare research repository.

Sign & Witness

You can give a legally binding signature which is equivalent to your handwritten signature in a paper notebook. You can sign your entries with digital signatures compliant to Title 21 CFR Part 11, the standard format for digital signatures in electronic lab notebooks. After signing an entry, you can send it to a colleague who can then witness it by giving his own digital signature. Digital signatures can either be provided by giving a handwritten signature in the signature field or by providing your account password.


You can comment on project entries to allow for an exchange of additional information. Comments can be replied to and resolved. And they can help your team to make your discussions and your research more fruitful.


Turn your digital notebook into a powerful team communication platform. You can send messages to team members directly in labfolder and specify whether you want to send a message to single users, parts of any of your groups, or the entire group. You can also reply to any messages you get. New messages will show up on your dashboard.


You can assign tasks to group members and monitor the process, allowing an easy management of routines and work schedules. Users will get a notification on their dashboards as soon as a new task has been issued, and can set the status of the task according to the progress.


You can organize your daily laboratory life with this simple, but powerful, Todo app. Create several Todo lists and add as many items as you need.