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The digital evolution

of your lab notebook

labfolder is an electronic lab notebook that enables researchers to record findings and make new discoveries. By reinventing the traditional paper lab notebook, our productivity & collaboration platform makes it easier to create, find, share, discuss & validate research data as a team.

labfolder ELN
1 Data management made easy

All your data in one place

From experimental planning to data collection, record and organize all your laboratory work in labfolder. Add texts, tables, sketches, images, experimental parameters and upload documents of all formats into your lab notebook. Our open API makes lab automation possible. Integrate different laboratory instruments, devices and equipment, putting your lab book at the center of your research.

Structure your lab notebook according to what you need

Labfolder is a highly customizable electronic lab notebook that adapts to your research and not the other way around. Create unlimited entries, projects, folders, and templates to add your data. Take advantage of our App Store to further enhance your ELN with third-party or home-made apps.

Take your lab notebook anywhere you go

Access your labfolder digital laboratory notebook from any computer or mobile device, regardless if you are using our cloud system or a server of your organization. Whether you are in a conference or doing temporary work in a new laboratory, view and update the lab notebook when you need. Our Search and Filter tools make it intuitive to recover all your previous experiments, so you never lose the thread of your research.

Collaboration with labfolder
2 Collaboration is the cornerstone of science

Manage all your collaborations in labfolder

Create and share projects with your team members and/or external collaboration partners. Define which researchers can input data in common projects that are available in real time to all collaborators. By having all lab archives in a single platform, you can easily start writing your next publications.

Create and reuse common laboratory protocols

Create a shared database of protocols, templates or SOPs that your team can use in their research. Easily integrate them in the lab notebook and avoid repetitive data entry . Custom share settings allow you to fine-tune the access to these protocols, assuring that they are only available to the scientists you want.

Share & Discuss your data

Share and discuss data within your team using our communication tools. Invite researchers to your projects and record all the details of your next big scientific breakthrough in a single place that is accessible to the people you trust.

Team management with labfolder
3 Manage your team

Used by laboratories of all sizes

Whether you are a small biotech startup or a large research institution, you can re-create the structure of your organization in labfolder. Detailed user share settings ensure that each individual scientist has access to the right content and nothing else.

A platform that adjusts to your team

labfolder adapts to the constant flow of scientists joining and leaving your group by storing all your experiment notes in your group folder. Individual licenses can be recycled and content of previous team members will keep its original creator name, so you can always retrieve it.

Assign and monitor tasks

Maintaining a lab functional requires a workflow of tasks that are shared amongst the entire team. In labfolder, you can assign tasks to your team members and be updated on their progress without the need to leave your electronic lab notebook.

industry compliance with labfolder
4 Comply to industry standards

Data Integrity is in our DNA

As scientists, we know that data quality defines the success of our research. labfolder’s lab book safeguards the integrity of your data recordings (including intellectual property protection) thanks to features such as automated time stamps, Full Audit Trail, and deletion control.

ISO, FDA and GxP compliance

Laboratories may be subjected to different regulatory guidelines, as well as specific requirements from funding agencies. We have you covered – labfolder is used by thousands of scientists that are compliant with ISO standards (such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 15189 and ISO 17025), GxP (GMP & GLP), HIPAA and FDA CFR 21 Part 11.

Cloud or local server installation

Use our cloud servers with state-of-the-art data security infrastructure or install labfolder on local servers of your organization. Either way, labfolder offers encrypted communication between your computer and our platform ensuring that your data is 100% secured.

labfolder LIMS
5 Your lab notebook and lab inventory on a single platform

Your inventory directly in the ELN

Manage all your commercial and lab-generated materials in labfolder. Create unlimited Material Databases with custom attributes, assuring that your inventory is compatible with your lists of chemicals, antibodies, plasmids, samples, reagents etc… Update and edit items and let everyone know when an item is out of stock.

Tracking each item from your MDB

Cite inventory items in your lab notebook entries and easily track their usage across all your team’s projects. Our Material Database also includes item versioning, so you will always know which version was used in each experiment.

Common & Private MDBs

Define custom share settings for each Material Database and assure that each inventory is accessed only by the scientists you want. Private MDBs can also be created so that each user can keep track of personal stocks.

labfolder data elements
6 Structure your data for the future with our Data Elements

Standardize your lab’s experimental recordings

Experimental parameters are consistently recorded throughout all your projects and entries. Structure your team’s data, improve its integrity, and retrieve it faster.

Ideal for protocols and templates

Replicate entire experimental procedures using data elements and easily share them with your team as templates. Improve the onboarding of new scientists by designing easily understandable templates where newly generated data can be filled in that match the overall data documentation of your team.

Unified search with units conversion

For the first time your laboratory notebook understands scientific units and makes automatic conversions when looking for your data. Don’t worry if in one experiment you typed 0.5 ml and in another 500 ul of a specific sample or reagent, labfolder will retrieve both when you search.

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What our scientists say about labfolder

“As a PI, I use labfolder in my expanding research group to help me keep track of the increasing number of projects and growing amount of data we generate. It is an important part of our efforts to move towards a more digital and interconnected research group.”

Dr. Thomas Crouzier

Dr. Thomas Crouzier 
Group leader, KTH Stockholm

“Using labfolder I have completely stopped using paper notes in the laboratory. I store every single step of our R&D processes on the electronic lab notebook. We are planning to go completely paperless”.

Dr. Yair Pilpel

Dr. Yair Pilpel 
Head of R&D, EIO Biomedical Ltd

“Our research data is digital, so it is more intuitive to record experiments with ELN software. I found labfolder to be a big step forward; it is easy to generate, store, and retrieve data, and I can collaborate with other researchers”.

Mate Ravasz, PhD.

Mate Ravasz, PhD.
Postdoc, University of Edinburgh

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